That moment when you try our yogurt for the first time and everything just makes sense.


Light, creamy, refreshing; we’ve crafted the perfect blend between sour and sweet for our Yogurberry fans. Combine them together with probiotics and calcium, and you have the perfect treat.


Strawberry is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red colour, juicy texture, and sweetness. We've taken real strawberries and introduced it into a creamy, yet tangy yogurt delight.


Extremely creamy and made from real coconuts.

It will make you feel tropical no matter what the weather is like.


Rich, dark, and handsome. Don't feel guilty; you wouldn't be cheating on your diet.

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Light, yet still sweet and tangy. You’ll be surprised at how close it is to the real thing. It’ll make your day peachy.

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Green Tea

We took all the goodness and taste from green tea and put it into an even better tasting yogurt. Now you can experience green tea in your yogurt cup

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We’ve derived a sweet and fruity flavour from using real mangos.


We’ve come up with a nutty combination of pistachio and yogurt. Now you can enjoy the great tasting snack without the annoying shell.

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Passion Fruit

With its incredibly refreshing and citrus taste, passion fruit is the perfect dessert, especially for the summer time. Having lots of vitamins & minerals only sweetens the deal.


We’ve captured the red, exotic characteristics of the pomegranate and transferred it over to a perfectly balanced tangy delight.


We’ve turned this super food packed with anti-oxidants into a super yogurt.

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We've blended the finest ingredients together to create Tiramisu yogurt; with the same taste for a fraction of the calories. Enjoy this classic dessert, reinvented.

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We’ve finally done it; one of your favorite spreads has now become one of your favorite yogurts.

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Fresh, juicy, and refreshing... you'll forget you’re not eating the actual fruit.

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Yogurberry’s signature flavor. Who would have known that a purple potato could be so sweet and delicious? Be adventurous and try this delicacy. Fortune favors the bold.

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Forest Berry

Tired of spending hours upon hours picking berries only to spend moments enjoying them?

The berries from the forest are now the berries in  our yogurt. Save yourself the hassle and swirl some in your cup today!

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Pink Guava

The only thing hotter this summer is our new Pink Guava yogurt. Kick back, relax, and rejuvenate yourself with this refreshing treat.

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Nutrition Facts

*The nutrition facts displayed above have been conducted and approved by ALS Laboratories. Yogurberry Australia reserves the right to update any information provided without notice.